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Tumhari Noor

Tumhari Noor is a collection of 100 poetries specailly ghazals. It has different forms of Hindi poetry with a touch of Urdu; this adds weight to the writings and raises its standard. The book is an intelligent mix of Poetry, Gazals, Nazms, Couplets etc. written in an easy language. The quality prose ensures that its content can be read and enjoyed by all, irrespective of gender/age groups. The book deals with different kinds of human emotions/experiences poetically and would establish a connect with its readers by making them relate to it at some point or the other. It is a perfect example of the hold & understanding of Hindi and Urdu by the writer when she succeeds in fusion of the same in some of her creations. ‘Tumhari Noor’ has something to offer to people from all walks of life, be it youngsters or elderly, with plenty of choice between love poetry, emotional poetry, philosophy of life, etc. It is “a must have” for poetry lovers. You’ll enjoy reading it!

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